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my name is sam, im 18 years old. i really love writing, and Demi Lovato saved my life. That's pretty much all you need to know. Follow me on twitter @brilliantlovato
My Story
I think it's important for you all to know at least a little bit about me besides my age and name. For the last few years, I've struggled with anorexia: binge-purge type. I've also struggled with self-harm. Demi Lovato saved my life.

what to expect
If you're new to my page, welcome! I just want to tell you a little bit about my stories. They're going to be in the PG-13 to R range so be careful what you read. I wouldn't reccommend these stories to young kids!
Anonymous asked: Please say you're gonna update soon! Xxxx

I answered:

i am planning on updating tonight if i can! 

Anonymous asked: FLAWLESSSSSSS but I still hate you hehehe

I answered:

you sit on a throne of lies

Anonymous asked: HESYESYES all the way!

I answered:

hahaha okkkk! will do!

Anonymous asked: your fic is perfect, i love the story line just please continue and never stop askfjs <3333333

I answered:

asdlkfhlasfkd you’re perfect <3

Anonymous asked: you should totally get vulgar with it ;)

I answered:

hahaha okay! i will!

Anonymous asked: Chapter 6 was so so good! When will 7 be up?

I answered:

7 will most likely be up tonight! if not, sometime this weekend for sure

permanentlydestroyed asked: Chapter 6 was sweet, but a little short. It was really good though (:

I answered:

yeah sorry about that, i was running out of ideas and it was late! 7 will be longer!:)

Anonymous asked: YEAH! i think it will make the story so much more interesting :P My vote is yes:P

I answered:

hahaha okay thanks for the input! :)

Chapter 6

okay guys, i’m struggling here. i need your opinions. how far do you want me to have them go..? like do you want it vulgar? ahhh just help me out here. glad you’re enjoying the story so far though. love y’all.

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Anonymous asked: loooved chapter 5! can't wait for 6!

I answered:

aww thanks! ch 6 is coming right now!